The Sweet & Spicy Truth


In the adult party game, The Sweet and Spicy Truth, each player takes a turn being asked a Sweet, Medium, or Spicy question.

 Sweet questions are innocent, general questions such as “Would you eat your favorite meal every day for the rest of your life?” Medium questions are more deeply philosophical, such as “Are people mostly good or mostly bad?”

While Spicy questions are much more intimate, such as “Are you OK with having sex on the first date?”

 Once the reader chooses their answer, the rest of the players decide if the reader answered “Yes” or “No.” The reader then reveals their answer. Those that answered correctly will gain one point. Those that answered incorrectly will lose one point. The first player to get seven points wins the game!



Age: 17+

Players: 4-12 players

Time to Play: 30 Min

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